VDV 260:2022-01

VDV 260:2022-01

DC Charging Infrastructure for Electric Buses

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VDV Recommendation 260 is mainly intended for the experts of the public transport companies who have to erect powerful DC charging infrastructure in the near future because many electric buses are to be procured. It is also intended to be a guideline for engineering offices that plan charging infrastructure and for companies that supply and/or manufacture components for such infrastructure.

VDV Recommendation 260 deals with all fixed electrical installations that are needed to charge the batteries of electric buses, but especially with electrical power installations, inclusive of their design and the protective measures against overload and electric shocks. Furthermore, it includes practical information about the planning and erection of DC charging infrastructure as well as examples of realised DC charging infrastructure.

VDV Recommendation 260 from 2016 has been thoroughly revised and now only considers charging infrastructure that transmits direct current to the electric buses via charging points. Consequently, its title has been modified to “DC Charging Infrastructure for Electric Buses”.

The result of this revision is a comprehensive guideline with concrete information about the preparation of DC charging infrastructure for the public transport companies that have exclusively operated diesel-powered buses so far and therefore did not have to deal with powerful electrical power installations like the ones that are needed to charge electric buses.

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ICS 43.080.20 : Omnibuses
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