VDA Band 6 Teil 5:2020

VDA Band 6 Teil 5:2020

Volume 6 Part 5 - Product Audit

3rd, revised edition, March 2020

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…..the expectations of end customers can no longer be expressed in specifications alone. Vehicle manufacturers and the supplier industry are required to identify these product characteristics independently and to implement them in the products. This approach must also be taken into account when conducting product audits.

Product audits should indicate the quality level of internally/externally manufactured products in the process chain.

This third edition of VDA Volume 6 Part 5 – Product Audit – replaces the second edition from 2008.

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Autor Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. Qualitäts Management Center (VDA QMC)
Publicado por VDAQMC
Tipo de Documento Norma
Edición 3ème édition révisée, mars 2020
ICS 03.120.20 : Certificación de productos y de empresas. Evaluación de la conformidad
43.020 : Vehículos de carretera en general
Reemplaza VDA Band 6 Teil 5:2008-01
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Palabra clave VDA Band 6,6
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