VDA Band 5

VDA Band 5

Quality management in the Automotive industry - Capability of Measurement Processes - Capability of Measuring Systems, Capability of Measurement Processes, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty, Conformity Assessment

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After more than a decade, the time has come for a fundamental revision of one of the standard works on measurement and inspection process capability. The focus when drawing up this 3rd edition of VDA Volume 5, with its new title “Measurement and inspection processes, capability, planning and management”, was on comprehensibility of methodology in order to achieve better applicability for the user in practice. The VDA Volume 5 has been completely revised and updated with all the change notices compiled in the VDA QMC since 2011. The revision incorporates the latest changes related to standards and technical development. […]

The 3rd edition has been amended in the following aspects:

Clarification of terms and definitions closely following VIM and ISO 3534-1

Process transparency from the engineering of the measuring system to the capability of the measurement and inspection processes

Strategies for harmonization with the AIAG Core Tool MSA (4th Edition)

Recommendations for the procurement of measuring systems (for example, specifications)

Transferability of proof of capability

Handling of unsuitable measuring systems/measurement processes

Handling of fine tolerances (FT or FT rule)

Procedure for insufficient sample sizes in the "measuring system" and "measurement process" trials.

Procedure for small pre-series and production lots in development and production

Consideration and assessment of the continuous capability using stability measurements

[…] Even a comparison of the headings of the old and new requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 reveals significant differences. To date, the “control of monitoring and measuring equipment” has been sufficient. On the other hand, DIN EN ISO 9001 has been referring to “resources for monitoring and measurement” since 2015. This clearly shows that it is not, as has been in the past, only about the monitoring and measuring equipment, but about all necessary resources too, from spatial conditions, appropriately trained personnel, suitable inspection equipment, the measuring equipment including software, to the necessary assistive devices and methods that are involved in the formation of valid and reliable monitoring and measurement results. All of this must serve the purpose of conformity of products and, more recently, also of services, i.e. it must be ensured that only assured quality is delivered to the customer.

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Autor Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. Qualitäts Management Center (VDA QMC)
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Edición 3e édition revue et corrigée, juillet 2021
ICS 03.100 : Organización y gestión de empresas
03.120 : Calidad
03.120.10 : Gestión y aseguramiento de la calidad
43.020 : Vehículos de carretera en general
03.100.70 : Sistemas de gestión
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