VDA Band 5 Praxishandbuch:2022

VDA Band 5 Praxishandbuch:2022

Volume 5 Practical Guide, 1st edition, April 2022

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The present VDA 5 Practical Guide has been prepared as a supplement to the new VDA Volume 5, 3rd edition 2021. In order to comprehend the contents of this practical guide, it is essential to be familiar with VDA Volume 5, in which the methodology and approach are described in detail. We made a conscious decision not to cover the theoretical background again in the VDA 5 Practical Guide. Instead, this guide serves to illustrate ways to apply the theory in everyday situations at work, specifically with regard to measurement and inspection process capability.

Table of contents:

1 Risk-based assurance

1.1 Use of a caliper gauge without determination of product information

1.2 Inspecting the pre-adjustment of components and ascertaining the delivery quality by means of a downstream inspection process (EOL)

1.3 Inspection of the flushness of roof shells on a retractable hardtop – end-of-line test (EOL) at the supplier’s premises

1.4 Examining the differences between motorbikes and passenger cars regarding the consideration of the specific application

2 Typical applications

2.1 Manual measurement of bore diameters

2.2 Piston guide ring with automated measuring device

2.3 Optimization of a measurement process

2.4 Measurement process capability of a multi-point measuring device based on the example of a measuring machine with double station

3 Special applications

3.1 Classification based on the example of cardan drive shafts

3.2 Vickers hardness test

3.3 Assurance of the tolerance limits for a joining process

3.4 Temperature influence

3.5 FT rule for measurement processes with fine tolerances

3.6 Measurement process capability in case of a one-sided specification limit

3.7 Measurement process capability of a surface roughness meter

4 Universal measuring devices

4.1 Measuring system capability on a coordinate measuring machine

4.2 Measurement process capability of a coordinate measuring machine and transferability of the proof of capability

4.3 Preselection of standard inspection equipment based on the example of a “caliper gauge”

4.4 Inspection using computed tomography (CT) – Determination of the measurement uncertainty and proof of capability for the measurement process

5 Attributive Inspection

5.1 Nominal and ordinal attributive inspection based on the example of a product audit

5.2 Signal detection

5.3 Bowker’s test

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