VDA Band 19 Teil 2:2010-10

VDA Band 19 Teil 2:2010-10

Quality Management in the Automotive Industry - Technical cleanliness in assembly - Environment, logistics, personnel and assembly equipment

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As clients of the Fraunhofer IPA, members of the MontSa industrial alliance are given the jointly written version of a work paper concerned with cleanliness in assembly in the form of a consolidated final report.
The final report forms the basis of a guideline which is planned to be released by the VDA Quality Management Center (VDA-QMC) as VDA Volume 19.2 with the title “Technical cleanliness in assembly - Environment, Logistics, Personnel and Assembly equipment”.
The right to publish the guideline has been transferred to the VDA-QMC by mutual consent of the cooperation partners. No rights exist to claim commission from revenues obtained by the VDA-QMC from distribution of the guideline.
The final report of the MontSa industrial alliance is the property of the participating companies and may be consulted by the companies to clarify internal queries. It is forbidden to publish the final report for commercial purposes.

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Autor Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. Qualitäts Management Center (VDA QMC)
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ICS 03.120.10 : Gestión y aseguramiento de la calidad
43.020 : Vehículos de carretera en general
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Reemplaza VDA Band 19 Teil 2 (2010)
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