VDA Band 16:2016-01

VDA Band 16:2016-01

Quality Management in the Automotive Industry - Decorative surfaces of accessories and functional parts in the exterior and interior areas of automobiles - Evaluation conditions Feature definitions and approach to defects Acceptance criteria

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This VDA volume is intended to serve as an initial basis for bilateral negotiations between OEM and supplier, as well as between customer and supplier throughout the entire supply chain when agreeing a specification for the subjective characteristics of decorative surfaces. The results of such negotiations must then be recorded in individual contracts. It also serves to provide a clear and unambiguous description of decorative product surfaces (so-called “subjective surfaces”) and to specify uniform test & inspection conditions, in order to prevent process problems for customers and suppliers because of imprecise or incomplete means of measurement.

For those involved in production processes this VDA volume serves as a training aid, to ensure that processes are applied in accordance with agreed references.

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Autor Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. Qualitäts Management Center (VDA QMC)
Publicado por VDAQMC
Tipo de Documento Norma
Edición 3
ICS 43.040.60 : Carrocería y componentes de la carrocería
Reemplaza VDA Band 16 (2008),VDA Band 16 (2015)
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histórico VDA Band 16 (2016),VDA Band 16 (2015),VDA Band 16 (2008),VDA Band 16 (2004),VDA Band 16 (2003)
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