SAE AMS 1431F:2024-03-12

SAE AMS 1431F:2024-03-12

Solid Runway Deicing/Anti-icing Product

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This specification covers a runway deicing and anti-icing product in the form of a solid. Unless otherwise stated, all specifications referenced herein are latest (current) revision.

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Autor Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE)
Comité G-12RDP Runway Deicing Product Committee
Publicado por SAE
Tipo de Documento Norma
ICS 49.025.99 : Otros materiales
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Reemplaza SAE AMS 1431E:2018-10-24
histórico SAE AMS 1431E:2018-10-24,SAE AMS 1431D:2012-06-08,SAE AMS 1431C:2010-09-16,SAE AMS 1431B:1998-08-01,SAE AMS 1431A:1992-01-01,SAE AMS 1431:1990-01-01
Palabra clave SAE 1431,SAE AMS1431F,SAE AMS1431F,SAE AMS 1431