SAE AIR 5665C:2024-05-01

SAE AIR 5665C:2024-05-01

Architecture Framework for Unmanned Systems (Stabilized: May 2024)

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This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) describes the Architecture Framework for Unmanned Systems (AFUS). AFUS comprises a Conceptual View, a Capabilities View, and an Interoperability View. The Conceptual View provides definitions and background for key terms and concepts used in the unmanned systems domain. The Capabilities View uses terms and concepts from the Conceptual View to describe capabilities of unmanned systems and of other entities in the unmanned systems domain. The Interoperability View provides guidance on how to design and develop systems in a way that supports interoperability.

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Autor Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE)
Comité AS-4JAUS Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems Committee
Publicado por SAE
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ICS 49.140 : Operaciones y sistemas espaciales
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