NBN ISO 23345:2021

NBN ISO 23345:2021

Jewellery and precious metals — Non destructive precious metal fineness confirmation by ED-XRF ISO 23345:2021

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This document describes a non-destructive method to verify (confirm) the precious metal fineness of finished and semifinished jewellery item(s) considered homogeneous by ED-XRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence), including alloys according to ISO 9202. This document is not suitable for any coated items. WD-XRF (wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence) equipment cannot be used.
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Autor Bureau de Normalisation Belge (NBN)
Publicado por NBN
Tipo de Documento Norma
ICS 19.100 : Ensayos no destructivos y equipo de ensayo
39.060 : Joyería
histórico No
Palabra clave ISO 23345, ISO 23345:2021