NBN ISO 23132:2021

NBN ISO 23132:2021

Road vehicles — Extended Vehicle (ExVe) time critical applications — General requirements, definitions and classification methodology of time-constrained situations related to Road and ExVe Safety (RExVeS) ISO 23132:2020

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This document defines the classification methodology of time-constrained situations and their requirements, that are to be addressed by the “ExVe time critical interfaces described in ISO 20077-1. Time-constrained situations include safety-critical situations. It is important for the design of the vehicle to have priority management of "ExVe time critical interface" resources in order to comply with time constrained situations requirements. The methodology provides a classification, which determines application priorities for optimal vehicle resource allocation. "
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ICS 43.040.15 : Sistemas informáticos para automóviles. Sistemas de ordenador a bordo
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Palabra clave ISO 23132, ISO 23132:2021
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