NBN ISO 21806-15:2021

NBN ISO 21806-15:2021

Road vehicles — Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) — Part 15: Lean application layer conformance test plan ISO 21806-15:2021

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This document specifies the conformance test plan (CTP) for the lean application layer for MOST, a synchronous time-division-multiplexing network, as specified in ISO 21806-14. This document specifies conformance test cases (CTCs) for root nodes and remote nodes in the following categories: — network startup — network shutdown — network events — node discovery — connection management. Interoperability testing is not in the scope of this document.
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ICS 43.040.15 : Sistemas informáticos para automóviles. Sistemas de ordenador a bordo
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Palabra clave ISO 21806-15, ISO 21806-15:2021
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