NBN EN ISO 11210:2023

NBN EN ISO 11210:2023

Jewellery and precious metals - Determination of platinum - Gravimetry using ammonium chloride (ISO 11210:2023)

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This document specifies a gravimetric method for the determination of platinum on a material considered homogeneous. The platinum content of the sample lies preferably between 50 and 999 parts per thousand (‰) by mass. Fineness above 999 ‰ can be determined using a spectroscopy method by difference (e.g. ISO 15093). This method is also intended to be used as one of the recommended methods for the determination of fineness in jewellery alloys covered by ISO 9202.
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Autor Bureau de Normalisation Belge (NBN)
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ICS 39.060 : Joyería
Reemplaza NBN EN ISO 11210:2016
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Palabra clave EN ISO 11210, EN ISO 11210:2023