NBN EN 10051:2024

NBN EN 10051:2024

Continuously hot-rolled strip and plate/sheet cut from wide strip of non-alloy and alloy steels - Tolerances on dimensions and shape

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This document specifies tolerances on dimensions and shape for continuously hot-rolled uncoated plate/sheet and strip with a maximum width of 2 200 mm and a maximum thickness of 25 mm of non-alloy and alloy steels in accordance with Table 1 (see also Annex B). This document also applies to hot-rolled strip for cold rolling. Table 1 - Field of application [...table not represented...] NOTE 1 This document does not apply to: - hot-rolled strip rolled in widths w < 600 mm (see EN 10048) - hot-rolled patterned steel strip and plate/sheet cut from wide strip (EN 10363) - uncoated or electrolytically coated cold rolled sheet and strip (see EN 10131) - hot-dip coated steel sheet and strip (EN 10143) - stainless steels. NOTE 2 This document can also be used for steels from other standards, e. g. steels for shipbuilding.
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ICS 77.140.50 : Productos y semiproductos planos en acero
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