FEM 10.2.17 - Part 1:2018-12

FEM 10.2.17 - Part 1:2018-12

Worked Example Drive-In and Drive-Through Racking

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FEM 10.2.17 is a Worked Example for Drive-In Racking in accordance with FEM 10.2.07: 2012 "The Design of Drive-In and Drive -Through Racking".

The Worked Example consists of two parts:

* Part 1: Drive-In - Traditionally braced (this document)

* Part 2: Drive- Through - Each cross-lane row of uprights braced

The importance of the Worked Example is to give additional guidance to users of the Design Code and provide a possible interpretation of the Code requirements.

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ICS 53.020.99 : Otros equipos de elevación
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