FEM 10.2.15-1:2015-02

FEM 10.2.15-1:2015-02

10.2.15 Part 1 - Worked Example Adjustable Pallet Racking According to EN 15512: Unbraced Racking

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As one of the Standards in the European EN-series “Steel static storage systems”, EN 15512 “Adjustable pallet racking systems – Principles for structural design” was published in October 2009. Due to the relative complexity of this particular load bearing structure in cold-formed steel, ERF/FEM R&S has decided to draft a Worked Example as guidance to the structural engineering of this rack type, taking into account decades of design experience.

FEM 10.2.15- Part 1 deals with the structural design calculation example of an unbraced adjustable pallet racking, in accordance with EN 15512: 2009 : structural modelling and analysis, using appropriate finite element software. The mechanical component properties are assumed, but should be determined in accordance with EN 15512. This document is particularly useful for small and medium enterprises, as well as for checking engineers.

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