FEM 10.2.08:2011-05

FEM 10.2.08:2011-05

Recommendations for the Design of Static Steel Pallet Racking in Seismic Conditions

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This FEM Document 10.2.08 has been prepared by Working Group “APR Seismic design“ of the FEM Racking & Shelving Product Group (European Racking Federation) and deals with the seismic design of adjustable steel storage pallet racks.

This code has been used as the basis for EN 16681 (2017) Steel static storage systems - Adjustable pallet racking systems - Principles for seismic design.

This European Standard EN 16681 specifies the structural design requirements applicable to all types of adjustable pallet racking systems fabricated from steel members, intended for storage of unit loads and subject to seismic actions. Available from European Standards, it provides guidelines for the design of clad rack buildings in seismic zones, where requirements are not covered in the EN 1998 series. This European Standard does not cover other generic types of storage structures and does not apply to mobile storage systems, drive-in, drive-through and cantilever racks or static steel shelving systems or to the design of seismic isolated racking structures.

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