ESDU 75016:2013

ESDU 75016:2013

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ESDU 75016 shows graphically data taken from a wide range of sources in the literature for the endurance under axial load at various constant amplitude stress levels. Cruciform and cover plate load carrying and non-load carrying joints are considered. The fatigue strength of full penetration cruciform joints is established and, using these curves as a base, the reduction in fatigue strength due to inadequate weld leg length or penetration is shown for all joint types. Also shown is the effect on failure location of weld leg length and penetration. These data were all for zero mean stress, however, for two materials in each case, data show the effect of mean stress on fatigue strength of both load carrying cruciform and non-load carrying cover plate joints. In the former case, the effect of weld penetration is also considered on both fatigue strength and location of failure. The various factors affecting the fatigue strength are discussed.

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