CLSI NBS01:2021

CLSI NBS01:2021

Dried Blood Spot Specimen Collection for Newborn Screening, 7th Edition, NBS01Ed7E

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This standard highlights specimen collection methods, discusses acceptable techniques for applying blood drops or aliquots to the filter paper section of the specimen collection device, and provides instructions on proper specimen drying, handling, and transport to ensure quality specimens are consistently obtained for newborn screening analysis.

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Autor Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI)
Publicado por CLSI
Tipo de Documento Norma
Tema /subgroups/17906
Edición 7
EAN ISBN 9781684401093, 9781684401086
Número de páginas 96
Reemplaza CLSI NBS01-A6,CLSI LA04-A5
Palabra clave CLSI NBS01