CLSI MM18:2018 (R2023)

CLSI MM18:2018 (R2023)

Interpretive Criteria for Identification of Bacteria and Fungi by DNA Target Sequencing, MM18Ed2E

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This guideline includes information on sequencing DNA targets of cultured isolates, provides a quantitative metric for perceiving microbial diversity, and can serve as the basis to identify microorganisms. By establishing interpretive criteria for microorganism identification by targeted DNA sequencing, this guideline provides structure to laboratories that identify microorganisms for medical use.

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Autor Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI)
Publicado por CLSI
Tipo de Documento Norma
Tema /subgroups/17905
Fecha de confirmación 2023-01-01
Edición 2
EAN ISBN 9781684400126
Número de páginas 168
Reemplaza CLSI MM18-A
Palabra clave CLSI MM18