CEN/TR 18058:2024

CEN/TR 18058:2024

Continuous handling equipment and systems - Safety requirements for equipment for mechanical handling of unit loads - Interpretations relating to EN 619:2022

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This document is a collection of interpretations related to the EN 619:2022. Interpretations aim to improve the understanding of the clause(s) they are referring to and by that facilitating common understanding between manufacturers, installers, notified bodies, inspection bodies and national authorities. Interpretations do not have the same status as the European standards to which they are related. However, the application of interpretations give to the interested parties confidence that the relevant European standard has not been wrongly applied. This document is not applicable to the machinery or machinery components manufactured before the date of its publication.
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Autor Bureau de Normalisation Belge (NBN)
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ICS 53.040.10 : Transportadores y cintas transportadoras
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Palabra clave CEN/TR 18058, CEN/TR 18058:2024