VDA Band Produktintegrität

VDA Band Produktintegrität

Product Integrity - Recommended action for organizations regarding product safety and conformity. Recall Management Using Over-the-Air Updates, 2nd extended edition, March 2021

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This new, second edition contains the VDA Volume "Recall Management Using Over-the-Air Updates" from 2020, which has been published in the meantime, as a thematic supplement integrated and printed in chapter 6 of this book.

……Companies have to deal not only with new customers and their cultures but also with chan­ging customer expectations and the country-specific laws and requirements that apply to the products. Furthermore, the sensitivity and connectedness of product users and authorities, and public discussions on the issue of product integrity have increased significantly.….

In this context, the question arises as to which organization structures and processes must be established in a company and how a company should react if a product is classified as potentially non-conform or as potentially safety-critical due to deviations in one or multiple countries……

The answer to this question is subject to a certain level of complexity that results, among other things, from the number of parties involved (authorities, product users, OEM, suppliers) and their various requirements.……

This volume provides recommendations for implementation. ……

……The objective of this volume is to create a better understanding of product safety and product conformity – combined under the term “product integrity” for the purposes of this volume.

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