NBN ISO 21806-10:2021

NBN ISO 21806-10:2021

Road vehicles — Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) — Part 10: 150-Mbit/s coaxial physical layer ISO 21806-10:2021

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This document specifies the 150-Mbit/s coaxial physical layer for MOST (MOST150 cPHY), a synchronous time-division-multiplexing network. This document specifies the applicable constraints and defines interfaces and parameters, suitable for the development of products based on MOST150 cPHY. Such products include coaxial links, coaxial receivers, coaxial transmitters, electrical to coaxial converters, and coaxial to electrical converters. This document also establishes basic measurement techniques and actual parameter values for MOST150 cPHY.
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ICS 43.040.15 : Auto Informatik. Bordcomputer-Systeme
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Schlagwort ISO 21806-10, ISO 21806-10:2021