MIL-PRF-8805G:2016 + S1:2016 & A1:2017

MIL-PRF-8805G:2016 + S1:2016 & A1:2017

Switches and Switch Assemblies, Sensitive, Snap Action (basic, limit, push button and toggle switches), General Specification for

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This specification covers the general requirements for snap action sensitive switches and switch assemblies. The sensitive switch assemblies include limit, push-button, and toggle operated types. The term switches includes switch assemblies, see 6.5.19. For intended use and application see 6.1. For definitions of terms used in this specification, see 6.5.

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Ersetzt MIL-PRF-8805F:2006 + S1:2006 + A1:2007
angepasst von Supplement 1:29.02.2016, Amendment 1 (amendment incorporated):20.06.2017