Connectors, Fiber Optic, Circular, Plug and Receptacle Style, Multiple Removable Termini, General Specification for

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This specification covers circular, plug and receptacle style, multiple removable termini, fiber optic connectors (see 6.10.3) that are for Department of Defense applications and that are compatible with multiple transmission element cables. Fiber optic connectors specified herein cover a family of general purpose, interconnection hardware providing a variety of compatible optical coupling arrangements. Connector parts specified within this specification include connector shells (see 6.10.11), connector inserts (see 6.10.5), connector insert retention nuts (see 6.10.7), connector backshells (see 6.10.2), and connector dust cover (see 6.10.4).

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Historische Dokumente MIL-PRF-28876 (2004-10-04)
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