MIL-DTL-45932A:2015 + A1:2016 & VN1:2021

MIL-DTL-45932A:2015 + A1:2016 & VN1:2021

Insert, Screw Thread, Thin Wall, Locked in: General Specification for

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This specification covers the requirements for thin wall, solid bushing, locked in, screw thread inserts. The method of locking in the insert into the parent material to resist rotation should be by means of an integral locking device, either metallic or non-metallic (see 6.1).

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Autor U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
Veröffentlicht von DODNAV
Document type Normen
Ausgabe A
Seitenzahl 19
Ersetzt MIL-I-45932:1971 + A1:1973, S1A:1973, VN1:1986 & A2:1997
angepasst von Amendment 1 (amendment incorporated):22.02.2016