CGA PS-40:2023

CGA PS-40:2023

CGA Position Statement on Requirements for Installers of Bulk Medical Gas Supply Systems

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Medical gas is delivered to a health care facility and its patients by two systems connected in series: (1) the bulk medical gas supply system, where the gas is stored, and (2) the medical gas system or piped distribution system, where gas flows to the patients. Because the terms are similar, confusion may arise over the requirements for training people who work on the two systems. PS-40 explains how CGA M-1 or ASSE-6015 provide the training requirements for those who install or maintain bulk medical gas supply systems. PS-40 also explains how ASSE-6010 provides the training requirements for those who install or maintain medical gas systems. The document illustrates the break points between the two systems and the use of a source valve, as defined in the codes, as a break point. PS-40 also lists the topics of training for each system as reflected in the applicable standards.

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