CGA P-8.3:2021

CGA P-8.3:2021

Perlite Management

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Perlite is nontoxic and nonflammable, however, the nature of the material and the large quantities involved require the use of special operations, handling, and safety procedures. This publication provides guidance for reducing the risks of uncontrolled perlite releases and incidents that have potential for serious personal injury, property damage, downtime, environmental impact, and consequences outside the perimeter of the plant. It covers the use of perlite in cryogenic enclosures and focuses on safety, perlite handling procedures, and emergency perlite management. This publication is for industrial gas plant manufacturers, owners, and operators of facilities that use and maintain perlite as an insulation medium for cryogenic equipment. Insulating materials such as rock wool or vermiculite and other synthetic silicates are not covered in this publication. This publication does not cover hazards related to toxic and flammable gases. Information regarding design considerations, operation, and maintenance of cryogenic enclosures is contained in CGA P-8.8, Safe Design and Operation of Cryogenic Enclosures. NOTE—This publication does not attempt to recommend or establish specific design or usage criteria but provides best practices. The end user shall determine the specific requirements.

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