CGA P-58:2022

CGA P-58:2022

Safe Preparation of Compressed Oxidant-Fuel Gas Mixtures in Cylinders

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This publication documents the minimum requirements for the safe preparation of compressed oxidant-fuel gas mixtures in cylinders by static methods (addition of one component after another in cylinders). This publication specifically addresses: • key principles for compressed oxidant-fuel gas mixture manufacture, • manufacturing feasibility studies, • gas mixing equipment, filling, and analysis, and • audit of oxidant-fuel gas mixture manufacturing procedures and operations. This publication specifically describes the manufacture of compressed oxidant-fuel gas mixtures under the conditions of gas temperatures and pressures detailed within this publication. The manufacture of liquefied and liquid oxidant-fuel gas mixtures and the manufacture of compressed oxidant-fuel gas mixture is outside of the scope of this publication. This publication shall be used in conjunction with the information and principles contained in CGA P-36, The Safe Preparation of Gas Mixtures [1].

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