CGA H-13:2023

CGA H-13:2023

Hydrogen Pressure Swing Adsorber (PSA) Mechanical Integrity Requirements

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This publication is an industry-wide guideline for in-service mechanical integrity of PSA units and is intended to contribute to the operational safety and reliability of these units. This publication is not intended to address the details of design and installation of PSA vessels and piping. This publication applies to PSA units with reformer syngas, refinery off-gas, and other hydrogen containing off-gases. This publication is focused on the parts of the PSA that are subjected to pressure cycles, although some consideration is given to the noncyclic portions of the PSA system. This publication is limited to piping and vessels designed and constructed to a recognized code or standard. This publication applies to piping and vessels from the feed line isolation (i.e., flange or manual valve) to the valve skid, up to and including the surge drum outlet isolation (i.e., flange or manual valve) and the hydrogen product isolation (i.e., flange or manual valve), to downstream equipment.

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