AWS A5.14/A5.14M:2024

AWS A5.14/A5.14M:2024

Specification for Nickel and Nickel-Alloy Bare Welding Electrodes and Rods

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The chemical compositions of 57 nickel and nickel-alloy welding electrodes and rods are specified, including six compositions not previously classified. Major topics include general requirements, testing, packaging, and application guidelines. This specification makes use of both U.S. Customary Units and the International System of Units (SI). Since these are not equivalent, each system must be used independently of the other.

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Autor American Welding Society (AWS)
Veröffentlicht von AWS
Document type Normen
Ausgabe 12
ICS 21
Seitenzahl 46
Ersetzt AWS A5.14/A5.14M:2018
Schlagwort A5.14/A5.14M, Consumables & Related Products, Nickel-Alloy Bare, Welding, Electrodes, Rods