ABMA/ISO 199:2014

ABMA/ISO 199:2014

Rolling Bearings - Thrust Bearings - Geometrical product specification (GPS) and tolerance values

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This standard is the U.S. national adoption of ISO 199-2014 which introduces GPS principles and techniques to tolerance values. This standard specifies dimensional characteristics, limit deviations from nominal values, and tolerance values to define the interface (except chamfers) of thrust rolling bearings. Nominal boundary dimensions are defined in the newly adopted ANSI/ABMA/ISO 104-2014 which nationally adopts ISO 104-2002.
This American National Standard is not applicable to certain thrust bearings (e.g., thrust needle roller bearings) or for particular fields of application (e.g., special thrust precision bearings). Tolerances for such bearings are given in the relevant National and International Standards.

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Autor American Bearing Manufacturers Association / International Organization for Standardization
Veröffentlicht von ABMA
Document type Normen
Thema /subgroups/39580
Seitenzahl 42
Ersetzt ABMA/ISO 199:1997 (R2013)
Schlagwort ABMA/ISO 199:2014
ANSI Approved