ABMA 8.2:1999 (S2010)

ABMA 8.2:1999 (S2010)

Ball and Roller Bearing Mounting Accessories - Inch Design

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Establishes dimensions and minimum physical properties of these bearings consistent and compatible with ABMA, ANSI, and ISO standards related to ball and roller bearings. Mounting accessories covered in this standard are used for the location or fixing of ball and roller bearings to the shaft of a machine or mechanism. This is the second public review for this standard. It was originally listed in the January 29, 1999 issue of Standards Action. It is being resubmitted due to substantive changes in the text.

Zusätzliche Information

Autor American Bearing Manufacturers Association
Veröffentlicht von ABMA
Document type Normen
Thema /subgroups/39580
Datum der Bestätigung 2010-05-19
ICS 21.100.20 : Wälzlager
Seitenzahl 59
Ersetzt ABMA 8.2:1991(S2010)
Historische Dokumente ANSI/ABMA 8.2 (1999),ANSI/AFBMA 8.2 (1990)
Schlagwort ANSI 8,ANSI/ABMA 8,8,ANSI/ABMA 8.2-1999
ANSI Approved