ABMA 12.2:1992 (S2010)

ABMA 12.2:1992 (S2010)

Instrument Ball Bearings - Inch Design

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Covers characteristics that define inch design instrument ball bearings, their boundary dimensions, tolerances, internal clearances, classification for selection assemblies and recommended practices for gaging, friction torque determination, load rating, operational life prediction and yield rate limitation.

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Autor American Bearing Manufacturers Association
Veröffentlicht von ABMA
Document type Normen
Thema /subgroups/39580
Datum der Bestätigung 2010-05-19
ICS 21.100.20 : Wälzlager
Seitenzahl 43
Historische Dokumente ANSI/ABMA 12.2 (1992)
Schlagwort ANSI 12,ANSI/ABMA 12,12,ANSI/ABMA 12.2-1992
ANSI Approved