RDS-PP - Application guideline Part 32 - Wind power plants

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This RDS-PP® Application Guideline for wind power plants was prepared by a project group of the VGB Working Panel “Reference Designation and Plant Documentation”, in close cooperation with experts from manufacturers, operators, research institutes, and service providers of the wind industry.

The preparation of the guideline was supported by a consultation process. Thereby the technical interested public had the opportunity to comment on the draft presented.

This guideline represents the revision of the Application explanation VGB-B 116 D2e, 1st edition, 2007, (referred to as “revision 0” in this document).

The revision of the Application Explanation became necessary due to market requirements, technical developments in the wind industry as well as adaptions of international standards, above all of the 2009 edition of IEC 81346-2. All major changes to the revision 0 of this guideline are listed in the respective clauses.

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Auteur VGB PowerTech e. V.
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ICS 27.100 : Centrales énergétiques en général
Nombre de pages 270
Remplace VGB B 116 D2 (2006-11), VGB B 116 D2 (2006-11)
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