VGB R 504 (08/04)

VGB R 504 (08/04)

Guideline for the Inspection and Testing of Large Forgings and Castings for Steam and Gas Turbine Generator Sets

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Safe operation and high availability of turbine systems make great demands on the reliability and consequently on the quality of the components used. The experience gained in the fabrication of large forgings and castings has been evaluated and considered in drafting this VGB-Standard in order to contribute to enhancing the operating reliability and availability of the turbine systems.

Revision work focused mainly on the following contents:

the inspection and testing specifications have been adapted to the present requirements,

the references to standards have been updated,

the list of literature referred to has been updated,

the implementation of the ultrasonic examination of forged shafts has been specified more precisely (section 3.4.3), and

the vertical lines in the margins of some paragraphs have been removed, which means that the content of the paragraphs concerned has now become binding.

This VGB-Standard is intended to support the co-operation between the parties involved, application of this standard, whether in whole or in part, shall be agreed between the customer and the contractor.

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