VDA Robuster Produktionsprozess:2007-01

VDA Robuster Produktionsprozess:2007-01

Product Manufacturing and Delivery · Robust Production Process Prerequisites, Standards, Controlling, Examples

1st edition November 2007 - Updated reprint, November 2019

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Foreword for updated reprint 2019

The DIN ISO standards, IATF and VDA-guidelines are in many cases renewed or refined and are now incorporated in this reprint in their updated form.

The cited content and references were adjusted accordingly.

Withdrawn VDA volumes have been removed from notes and overview tables.

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Auteur Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. Qualitäts Management Center (VDA QMC)
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ICS 03.100.50 : Production. Gestion de production
43.020 : Véhicules routiers en général
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Historique VDA Robuster Produktionsprozess (2007)
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