TAPPI TIP 0404-41

TAPPI TIP 0404-41

Granite Roll Material and Surface Requirements

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Rolls with composite or synthetic covers have replaced most granite rolls in North America but several stone rolls are still in use. Granite has long been used for paper machine press rolls due to its exceptional release properties. The use of granite for press roll construction dates back to at least the 1700s and the first granite was probably quarried in Scotland near Aberdeen. Until recently granite for press rolls was quarried primarily in two places, Barre, Vermont and Kuru, Finland. Both granites are quite similar in appearance and mineral composition. Press roll bodies have been quarried in all sizes up to and including 1700 mm × 10,000 mm length. There may be suppliers of stone rolls in China.Due to the importance of the press roll in modern paper machine operation, the paper mill staff must understand the components of the press roll. The intent of this paper is to familiarize mill personnel with the properties of granite and serve as an aid in troubleshooting granite roll problems.

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