Sorptive Rate and Capacity of Bibulous Paper Products Using Gravimetric Principles

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The interaction of water in either the gaseous or liquid state is an extremely important property of paper and paper products. In addition to being the basis for performance characteristics of various different types of paper such
as paper for printing and writing, paper for wrapping and packaging, and paper for liquid absorbing tasks, measured values for many of the physical properties of paper vary depending upon the amount of water present in the sheet when it is tested.

The test method described here is based upon the work of Miller and Tyomkin (2) and Painter (3, 4) and co-workers and provides a procedure whereby absorptive capacity and rate can be measured simultaneously and dynamically to provide an absorption curve showing the time dependency of the absorption process, as well as test values comparable to those of existing manual procedures showing the time required for absorption of a specified amount of liquid or the liquid capacity at saturation.

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