SAE J 2953/4:2024-01-22

SAE J 2953/4:2024-01-22

Plug-In Electrical Vehicle Charge Rate Reporting and Test Procedures

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This document facilitates clear and consistent comparisons of realistic charging capabilities of passenger vehicles via commercially available EVSE. Common test procedures and metrics are established for both vehicles and EVSE operating without limitations in nominal conditions. This document does not attempt to address performance variations of EV-EVSE interactions outside of nominal conditions such as extreme temperatures, variable SOCs, and so on.

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Auteur Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE)
Comité Hybrid - EV Committee
Edité par SAE
Type de document Norme
Nombre de pages 32
Remplace SAE J 2953/4:2021-06-10
Historique SAE J 2953/4:2021-06-10
Mot-clé SAE 29534,SAE J2953/4,SAE J2953/4,SAE J 2953/4