SAE AS 5377A:2024-02-06

SAE AS 5377A:2024-02-06

Nut, Self-Locking, 0.7500 thru 1.5000 Thread Sizes, UNS S66286, 160,000 psi, 800 °F, UNJ Thread – Procurement Specification (Stabilized: Feb 2024)

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This specification establishes the requirements for self-locking wrenchable nuts with thread sizes 0.7500 thru 1.5000 inches.
The nuts are made of corrosion and heat resistant precipitation hardenable iron base alloy of the type identified under the Unified Numbering System as UNS S66286 and of 160,000 psi axial tensile strength at room temperature, with maximum conditioning temperature of parts at 800 °F.

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Auteur Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE)
Comité E-25 General Standards for Aerospace and Propulsion Systems
Edité par SAE
Type de document Norme
ICS 49.030.30 : Ecrous
Nombre de pages 32
Remplace SAE AS 5377:2018-08-23
Historique SAE AS 5377:2018-08-23
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