SAE AS 5054B:2024-03-22

SAE AS 5054B:2024-03-22

Areas for Calculating Stress or Load Values for Externally and Internally Threaded Fasteners (Stabilized: Mar 2024)

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This standard specifies the areas to be used in calculating stress or load values to be used in externally and internally threaded fastener procurement specifications for bolts, screws, nuts, and studs and for the information of designers.

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Auteur Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE)
Comité E-25 General Standards for Aerospace and Propulsion Systems
Edité par SAE
Type de document Norme
ICS 49.030.01 : Eléments de fixation en général
Nombre de pages 9
Remplace SAE AS 5054A:2018-08-23
Historique SAE AS 5054A:2018-08-23,SAE AS 5054:2004-02-23
Mot-clé SAE 5054,SAE AS5054B,SAE AS5054B,SAE AS 5054