SAE AIR 6516A:2024-02-23

SAE AIR 6516A:2024-02-23

Unmanned Systems (UxS) Control Segment (UCS) Architecture: RSA Version of UCS ICD Model (Stabilized: Feb 2024)

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This User Guide describes the content of the Rational Software Architect (RSA) version of the UCS Architectural Model and how to use this model within the RSA modeling tool environment.
The purpose of the RSA version of the UCS Architectural Interface ICD model is to provide a model for Rational Software Architect (RSA) users, derived from the Enterprise Architect (EA) ICD model (AIR6515).
The AIR6515 EA Model, and by derivation, the AIR6516 RSA Model, have been validated to contain the same content as the AS6518 model for:
  • all UCS ICD interfaces
  • all UCS ICD messages
  • all UCS ICD data directly or indirectly referenced by ICD messages and interfaces
  • the Domain Participant, Information, Service and Non-Functional Properties Models

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