NPRD-2023 - Hardcopy

NPRD-2023 - Hardcopy

Nonelectronic Parts Reliability Data (NPRD-2023) presents field failure rate data on a wide variety of mechanical and electromechanical parts and assemblies. The parts cover ground, airborne and naval environments. NPRD-2023 adds 300,000 new failure rate records and 13,000 new components compared to its predecessor.

To access the large database contained in NPRD-2023, buyers will receive a five-volume hard copy set plus a CD-ROM. Sections 1 and 2 of the hard copy are printed on five volumes while Sections 3 through 8 are accessible via CD-ROM.

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NPRD-2023 contains field failure rate data on a wide variety of electrical, mechanical, electromechanical, and microwave parts and assemblies. The data can be used as a surrogate source of reliability failure rate data in the absence of other data to assist in performance of reliability analyses and assessments.

Compared to the NPRD-2016 publication, NPRD-2023 adds 13,000 new parts and 300,000 new failure rates for a total of 250,000 new components and more than 1.5 million data records. The expanded part types and data in NPRD-2023 cover ground, airborne and naval environments. Data was collected for this product from a wide variety of commercial and military sources.

It is not feasible for reliability prediction methodologies of any kind to contain failure rate models on every conceivable type of component and assembly. Traditionally, reliability prediction models have been applicable only for generic electronic components. Therefore, NPRD-2023 serves a variety of needs:

To provide surrogate failure rate data sources when an organization does not have failure rate experience data from its own products/systems

To provide failure rates on assemblies (e.g., disk drives) in cases where piece-part level analyses are not feasible or required (e.g., Commercial Off-the-Shelf and other “black box” items)

To complement reliability prediction methodologies by providing data on part types not addressed by its models

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