NBN ISO 9184-1:2023

NBN ISO 9184-1:2023

Paper, board and pulps — Fibre furnish analysis — Part 1: General method ISO 9184-1:2023

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This document specifies the general procedure for fibre furnish analysis of paper, board and pulps.

It is applicable to all kinds of pulps and to most papers and boards, including those containing more than one kind of fibre, taking into account different pulping processes.

This method is less suitable for heavily impregnated or highly coloured papers and boards, which cannot be dispersed or decoloured without affecting the structure or the staining reactions of the fibres.

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Auteur Bureau de Normalisation Belge (NBN)
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Type de document Norme
ICS 85.040 : Pâtes à papier
85.060 : Papiers et cartons
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Mot-clé ISO 9184-1, ISO 9184-1:2023