NBN ISO 17987-3:2020

NBN ISO 17987-3:2020

Road vehicles — Local Interconnect Network (LIN) — Part 3: Protocol specification ISO 17987-3:2016

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This document specifies the LIN protocol including the signal management, frame transfer, schedule table handling, task behaviour and status management and LIN master and slave node. It contains also OSI layer 5 properties according to ISO 14229-7 UDSonLIN-based node configuration and identification services (SID: B016 to B816) belonging to the core protocol specification. A node (normally a master node) that is connected to more than one LIN network is handled by higher layers (i.e. the application) not within the scope of this document.
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ICS 43.040.15 : Informatique automobile. systèmes informatiques embarqués
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Mot-clé ISO 17987-3, ISO 17987-3:2020
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