NBN ISO 10791-2:2023

NBN ISO 10791-2:2023

Test conditions for machining centres — Part 2: Geometric tests for machines with vertical spindle (vertical Z-axis) ISO 10791-2:2023

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This document specifies, with reference to the ISO 230 series, the geometric tests for machining centres with vertical spindle (i.e. vertical Z-axis).

This document also establishes the tolerances for the test results corresponding to general purpose and normal accuracy machining centres.

This document is also applicable, totally or partially, to other numerically controlled machines, when their configuration, components and movements are compatible with the tests described herein.

This document applies to machining centres having three numerically controlled linear axes (X-axis up to 5 000 mm length, Y-axis up to 2 000 mm length, and Z-axis up to 2 000 mm length), but refers also to supplementary movements, such as those of rotary, tilting, and swivelling tables. Further tests, contained in Annexes A, B and C, cover axes of rotation of spindles, rotary tables and tilting cradles. Movements other than those mentioned are considered as special features and the relevant tests are not included in this document.

This document takes into consideration in Clauses 6 through 9 four possible types of tables, fixed and rotary, as hereunder described:

    Clause 6: horizontal non-rotating tables

    Clause 7: tables rotating only around a vertical C’-axis

    Clause 8: tables rotating around a vertical C’-axis and tilting around a horizontal A’-axis

    Clause 9: tables rotating around a vertical C’-axis and tilting around a horizontal B’-axis.

This document deals only with the verification of geometric accuracy of the machine and does not apply to the testing of the machine operation, which are generally checked separately. Tests not concerning the pure geometric accuracy of the machine are dealt with in other parts of the ISO 10791 series.

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