MARPOL on the Web

MARPOL on the Web

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Once purchased this product will not be posted, so please assign this product to your customer by going to "My Transactions" and following the relevant link in the "Virtual Publications" section.This a yearly subscription to the MARPOL Convention.It provides users with access to:- Fully amended and up-to-date text- Amended automatically whenever amendments come into force- Amendments ratified but not yet in force are shown separately- Logical and easy to understand indexes- Cross referencing with hundreds of internal links- Clear tables for easy reference- Searchable.Set up a two-day trial for MARPOL on the Web at

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Auteur International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Edité par IMO
Type de document Document réglementaire
ICS 03.220.40 : Transport fluvial et maritime
Mot-clé MARPOL on the Web