IP 577:2013

IP 577:2013

Determination of the level of cleanliness of aviation turbine fuel - Automatic particle counter method using light extinction

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This standard describes a method for determining the level of dispersed particles in aviation turbine fuel, specifically dirt particles and water droplets in the range from 4 :m(c) to 70 :m(c) up to a maximum of 60 000 cumulative counts per ml.

NOTE 1 - For the purposes of this method, water droplets are considered as particles and agglomerated particles are detected as a single obscuration event. Although the projected area of a particle is measured, this is expressed as a diameter for the purposes of this method.

NOTE 2 - The designation (c) is used to denote that the particle size has been measured using an instrument calibrated in accordance with ISO 11171 [1].

NOTE 3 Annex B describes an optional procedure that may be used to eliminate the effects of water droplets from being counted as particulates.

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