IEC TS 63397:2022

IEC TS 63397:2022

IEC TS 63397:2022 Photovoltaic (PV) modules - Qualifying guidelines for increased hail resistance

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IEC TS 63397:2022 defines additional testing requirements for modules deployed under applications or in environments where PV modules are likely to be exposed to the impact of hailstones leading to higher stress beyond the scope of the IEC 61215 series. This document aims to assist in the selection of modules for deployment in specific regions that have a higher risk of hail damage and to provide tools for improving module design.

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Auteur International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
Comité TC 82
Edité par IEC
Type de document Norme
Edition révision n° 1
ICS 27.160 : énergie solaire
Nombre de pages 19
Mot-clé IEC63397,IEC TS 63397:2022,IEC/TS 63397,TC 82