CEN/TS 13149-10:2020

CEN/TS 13149-10:2020

Public transport - Road vehicle scheduling and control systems - Part 10: Location service

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The CEN 13149 series of products concerns on-board data communication systems on public transport vehicles. This series provides for data services that enable open and managed sharing of relevant information. This document, being Part 10 of the series, specifies a location publication, enabling all on-vehicle services to share a common understanding of the location and orientation of the vehicle, based on inputs taken from global navigational satellite systems (GNSS) such as GPS and Galileo. It covers: - the functional scope, i.e. which data the service provides, why, when and how often - the transport protocol, i.e. how the data are transmitted - the service publication, i.e. how the service can be found by other modules or applications - the structure of the data, i.e. how the data are structured and how the data elements are named. This document implements the service framework described in CEN/TS 13149 7.
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ICS 35.240.60 : Application des TI dans le transport et le commerce
43.040.15 : Informatique automobile. systèmes informatiques embarqués
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Mot-clé CEN/TS 13149-10, CEN/TS 13149-10:2020
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